How to Write Amazing Testimonials For Orkut Friends and Loved Ones?


Testimonials are also a silent mode of admiration that you give to your friends because sometimes you don’t say all that to your friends that you inscribe in a testimonial for them. You would be amazed at how your relationships will improve with people for whom you have written a testimonial.

Everyone on Orkut likes to read or get a sugary testimonial from their friends and loved ones. A high-quality testimonial is descriptive, using words that entice feelings of happiness, love and affection. Use words that show that you are blessed because you met them. Expressive phrases that illustrate how your friend made a change in your life or how they have influence your habits etc….

Generally in the initial lines people write sentences like “What can I say about this amazing person” or “what should I say about him” or “this space is too small for me to write a testimonial for a person like him/her..” I personally find it a bit common and shoddy way of filling those 1024 characters but of course you can write whatever you want.

You probably thinking, yeah right, and just who is going to do that, for me? Please read on!

Okay, I hear you thinking, so just how do I go about getting these wonderful words of wonder for my friend?

Well to be honest, it’s fairly simple to write an Orkut testimonial.

1) Depict the day when you met them and jot that into words

2) Write some of the qualities about the person. Try to use adjectives; yeah adjectives make a great impact. **smart, attractive, nerdy, crazy, cute, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, awesome, bright, brilliant, dazzling, great etc** (everyone loves adjectives and who does not like appreciation, lol I do… who does not.. and appreciation is always good.. appreciate them of course don’t over appreciate)

3) Describe the ways they have helped you or share some moments that you and the other person has shared together / sweet memories etc **Late night chats, college/school days, some specific crazy day you spent together, funny stuff, some trip, anything that you and they have done together** (the point here is to take them to flash back which would refresh their memory and remind them of those days which were happy times of their lives and make them feel breezy)

4) If you like everything about them, (yeah!) I would suggest writing everything about them!! (Yeah they should know of how much you appreciate them.)

5) make sure you don’t mention a lot of negative stuff about them, because sometimes they do not wish al their negative stuff to be displayed for everyone to see. You can always pinpoint something that you would like changed in them but don’t over doze this part and yes you can totally skip this part if you want.

6) Finally you would want to say good bye (I think 1024 character limit is coming near in Orkut now…) wish them luck for their future endeavors and tell them that you will always remember a friend like them.

You DON’T have to be anxious that you have written deficient or anything for the reason that the most vital law here is to write a heartfelt warm testimonial for your buddy.

Let’s look at a sample testimonial:

“I met this crazy little thing at a friend’s birthday party. My first reaction on meeting him was that why the in the name of holy lord did I meet him? *giggle*….I thought a guy like him must b full of attitude but it didn’t took me long to realize that how wrong I was. I came to know that I was quite lucky to have a friend like him.

Sometimes shows a bit of stance but still he is a sweetheart. (Fake stance) Yeah by the way this guy really changed my outlook towards so many things. The only thing that I don’t like about him is that he hardly gets serious even when it comes to serious matters…

He is a guy on whom I can trust blindly, sometimes or rather I should say always he never misses a chance to pull my leg that really annoys me but still one way or d other he makes up to it.

Dude I wish u get everything in life….and your fantasies are fulfilled…love you friend!!”

Remember that if you write a quality testimonial, a testimonial comes back to you. You just need to be honest and warm in everything that you have written about them. That will get you started.

I earnestly hope that these tips will help you write better Orkut testimonials for your friends and loved ones next time.

Source by Tazeen S.

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