ANAGRAMS: The Truth Is in the ANAGRAMS


Anagrams have a long history with humans yet any real timeline remains a mystery—-and a quick search of anagram history will show that many have used anagrams as a means for mental amusement, but is that really what they are?

If anagrams are just for mental amusement why should the word phrase THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE be able to re-arrange itself into, HE’S ELEGANT LAUGHING.

Who’s laughing?

Well I’m certainly interested in trying to find out; –and after exploring the unerring truthfulness found in a variety of anagrams of names and word phrases, I’m somewhat inclined to wonder if our creators made sure that whatever man creates on this Earth will indeed hold within itself its own inescapable truth?

For instance, Did you know that when OTIS REDDING passed, his song, “On the Dock of the Bay” was on the top of the charts. His name when all the letters that comprise it are re-arranged can become I DIED STRONG.

And how about I’M DARN NEAT being an anagram of the name DEAN MARTIN. No one can argue the he, NAMED IN RAT, sorry I mean DEAN MARTIN, was like the coolest smoothest crooner of our time. If you are too young to understand the NAMED IN RAT anagram of the name DEAN MARTIN–Just “google” him and see how fast you learn how this really cool dude was a member of The Rat Pack.

Or, how about beautiful but unlucky in love MARILYN MONROE. She certainly had her share of poor luck with men —and the anagram LEARN IN MY ROOM of her name hits straight to the core of wondering what might have really happen to her when she was found dead in her bedroom.

What do we need to learn, Marilyn?

I think I might have to take a closer look at her name along side her birth stars in the short future to see if I can’t come up with my own theory.

Now since I already brought up a murkier matter, as in Marilyn’s death, I’m gonna just add something about another famous crime which most readers are sure to remember.

How about this one?

Don’t you think it is quite bazaar that PATSY RAMSEY –(you know, the Mother to little Jonbenet Ramsey who was found murdered in the basement of her home)– can anagram into ESSAY MY PART. –and know that there was in fact a three-page ransom letter (similar to an essay) left in the home by the supposed kidnapper. Which, once the handwriting was analyzed by an expert, suggested that the ransom note could have certainly been written by Mommy Ramsey.

I have seen this sort of uncanny truth coming from anagrams from one crime after another. But, it still makes me wonder why should the letters of these ‘name frames’ (as I like to call them) be able to be twisted around in exact proportion and give us a remarkable display of sounding truth about a persons’ life situation?

To me the anagram HE’S ELEGANT LAUGHING belonging to the word phrase THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE is almost ghostly. But I believe there is a reasonable explanation – it has to do with the frequency of sound vibrations.

That’s right, sound.

In the beginning, there was the word. Words when spoken create sound, do they not? So if God used a sounding word to create—it must mean all sounds creates. And depending on the sound will depend on what you create. So always choose your words kindly. It’s why prayer and affirmations work. So you see, No matter how structured the man-made guides of THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE are, there in it exists something more provocative—something hard to ignore.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the most revered icon in Hollywood – or the Mother of a missing child. If the letters that make up the name you choose to move through the universe with produces unfortunate sound vibrations–well then, ya better start paying attention to what they have to say and maybe even consider altering the spelling of your name.

But, before you do so. Don’t you dare take my word for it.

I insist that you begin playing around with anagrams yourself. See what you find. See if your not stunned in the flash of moment when you notice an tidbit of truth about someone or something all on your own.

Enjoy exploring your world with Anagrams. I would love to hear what you find.

Source by Renee Francis

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